How COVID-19 and Business Shutdowns Are Affecting The Cannabis Industry?

The Coronavirus Pandemic has smashed into the global economy, with a kinetic force that is shaking developed economies to their core.  It started in China, a key supply chain hub for much of the legal cannabis industry. The longest bull market in history ended abruptly as justified panic over the economic implications of the 21st … Read more

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Private Funding In The Cannabis Industry?

The year 2020 was already shaping up to be a brutal one for many privately funded cannabis businesses, and the nascent legal cannabis industry in general. The now idyllic promises from the “Green Rush” period seem childish in their naivete. The truth is, very few legitimate cannabis businesses have achieved sustainable profitability. Regulatory and tax … Read more

Purchase Money Financing: What Is It and What Are the Benefits?

Every small business owner dreams of getting that one massive order that will put their business on the map, but what happens when the order arrives and you don’t have enough cash to purchase the raw materials to fill it? Small business owners in every industry, including the cannabis industry, face this issue every day. … Read more

Inventory Financing: What Is It and What Are the Benefits?

Many small business owners sometimes have to work hard to manage cash flow to ensure that operational and maintenance costs are covered, payroll is made each month, and there is plenty of new inventory in stock for customers. Cannabis business owners aren’t unique in facing the challenge of managing their cash flow, but they do … Read more

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