What Cannabis Distributors Can Expect This Holiday Season as U.S. Borders Reopen

The past two years have been complicated for many fields, but none quite so much as the cannabis industry. The pandemic has closed borders, affected the economy, and kept people bored at home, looking for ways to entertain themselves. All of these changes have impacted the cannabis industry. They have made it challenging to import … Read more

How to Get Extra Cannabis Financing for Increased Demand During the Holiday Rush

Holidays are a busy time of year for businesses in all industries, including cannabis. While nationwide sales have increased drastically overall with more states legalizing cannabis use, there are certain times of year in which demand spikes. For example, 4/20 is the industry’s biggest holiday. Compared to average sales, 4/20 represented a 75% increase in … Read more

Cannabis Lending Plan for the New Year: 6 Types of Businesses We Work With

Like businesses in any other industry, there may come a time when a cannabis company needs financial assistance. However, a cannabis company can’t get a conventional business loan from a bank or credit union. With cannabis still illegal on the federal level, most financial institutions are hesitant to extend financing to cannabis businesses, no matter … Read more

Cannabis Financing Made Easy: 5 Smart Options to Know Heading Into 2022

Raising capital for a cannabis business isn’t the same as it is for other companies. With cannabis still illegal on the federal level, most conventional financial institutions are hesitant to provide funds to businesses in the cannabis industry. That can make getting the money you need to run and grow your business difficult.  Fortunately, you … Read more

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