Sitting Down With Pioneer Valley Extracts: How PVx Meets Demand

Legalization efforts at the state level have made the cannabis market one of the biggest growth industries in Massachusetts. Pioneer Valley Extracts — PVx for short — started doing business in 2021 to help meet this growing demand. Currently, PVx provides manufacturing services such as cannabis extraction, packaging, and distribution, and it also handcrafts its … Read more

Sustainability In Your Cannabis Business: Plastics, Tips + More

Many people have long associated cannabis and hemp with hippies (sometimes called “tree-huggers”), which has earned the industry a “green” or sustainable reputation. Unfortunately, this image has never been the reality. And with the rapid commercialization of cannabis, it hasn’t gotten any better. Conventional pest control methods, chemical fertilizers, and energy-intensive indoor growing spaces have … Read more

Diversity in the Cannabis Industry: Insights + Facts

Legal cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. As of January 2021, there were 321,000 full-time-equivalent jobs — 32% growth since 2020 and 161% growth since 2017. The BDSA estimates total sales in 2021 were around $25 billion and expects the market to reach $30 billion in 2022.  Despite the incredible growth, … Read more

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