Sitting Down With Pioneer Valley Extracts: How PVx Meets Demand

Legalization efforts at the state level have made the cannabis market one of the biggest growth industries in Massachusetts. Pioneer Valley Extracts — PVx for short — started doing business in 2021 to help meet this growing demand. Currently, PVx provides manufacturing services such as cannabis extraction, packaging, and distribution, and it also handcrafts its … Read more

How to Stand Out & Differentiate Your Cannabis Business

As more and more businesses of all kinds enter the cannabis market, competition is becoming fiercer, which means cannabis companies need to do more to attract and retain customers. Differentiating your business is vital for standing out. It makes your brand more memorable, helps to foster trust, and allows you to build lasting relationships. It also … Read more

Lessons From Headwaters: Growth, Demand & New Cannabis Financing

Located in Carpinteria Valley, Headwaters is California’s largest — and most sophisticated — cannabis cultivation company. Its mission is straightforward and clear: to be the most trusted supplier of quality cannabis in the state. The company uses best-in-class cultivation techniques to create a reliable output that’s both high-quality and low-cost, rivaling other California cultivators.  As … Read more

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