How Much Do Dispensaries Make? Here’s What to Expect

Making profits is the ultimate goal of all business owners, and cannabis businesses are no exception. With revenues estimated to reach a whopping $51 billion by 2025, the cannabis industry presents entrepreneurs with incredible opportunities to make huge fortunes. While other industries struggle due to the ongoing global economic crisis, marijuana businesses show no signs … Read more

How to Find (and Get) Hemp Business Loans: The Essential Guide

A hemp business loan is a type of loan that’s specifically designed for cannabis-related businesses. Because marijuana is federally illegal in the United States (and most other countries), traditional banks have hesitated to offer loans to cannabis-related businesses. Even hemp businesses that operate legally under state laws can have trouble finding financing. This has led … Read more

How To Find a Cannabis Business for Sale (+ 7 Questions To Ask)

Starting a business in the cannabis industry may be exciting, but it’s far from simple. Despite the immense rewards you could reap, starting a new business from scratch is time-consuming and expensive. Not to mention the numerous licensing and legal requirements associated with such a highly-regulated industry.  While this may sound discouraging, you do have another … Read more

How To Start an Edibles Business in California (Follow This Plan)

While starting a marijuana edibles company isn’t cheap, it’s often both cheaper than opening a dispensary and less complicated than joining the industry as a grower.  Here’s our guide on how to start an edibles business in California.  Check Your Local Ordinances Although Proposition 64 legalized cannabis in California, you cannot get a local permit … Read more

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