New Ideas: What Is Luxury Weed? (And Should You Carry It?)

As legalization spreads, luxury weed has found a strong footing in the United States. But how is bud classified as the best of the best?  A high-end cannabis product should have the following characteristics:  Rare, coveted plant genetics Organically-grown weed Production methods you can reliably trace High-THC content Other artisanal ingredients Exclusivity — available only … Read more

Is the Marijuana Market Saturated? Challenges & Opportunities

The marijuana industry has experienced explosive growth over the past decade, with more and more states legalizing the recreational and medicinal use of the plant. While this presents plenty of opportunities for businesses to capitalize on this expanding industry, it begs the question: Is the marijuana market saturated?  In this article, we’ll discuss the challenges … Read more

5 Tips for Collaborating With Other Businesses in the Marijuana Industry

Collaborating with other small marijuana businesses can be a great way to expand your reach, share resources, and benefit from the knowledge and expertise of others in the cannabis industry. While it can be a great opportunity, it also requires thought and planning.  Here we’ll provide five critical tips for collaborating with other small marijuana … Read more

Dispensary Location Rules: An Industry Handbook

Location is everything when you’re running a successful brick-and-mortar business, and this is especially true for dispensaries. Finding the right spot for your dispensary involves considering factors like foot traffic, parking availability, security, zoning regulations, and local competition. Combined, these factors can create a complex web of rules and regulations to navigate when choosing your … Read more

Finding the Right Cannabis Vendors for Your Dispensary

Having the right selection of cannabis products in stock makes a significant difference to a dispensary’s end-of-year profits and long-term success.  But staying on top of the latest product trends isn’t the only essential thing. Working toward strong, long-lasting relationships with reliable cannabis vendors will help your business grow.  Here’s your guide to finding the … Read more

Cannabis Certificate Of Analysis: What To Know

A cannabis certificate of analysis (CoA) is a vital document in the cannabis industry. It requires that your products undergo third-party lab testing to assess them for pertinent information such as cannabinoid content and potential contaminants. In short, it shows you and your customers what’s in your products and helps you determine if they’re safe … Read more

How To Stay Flexible and Adapt to Marijuana Industry Trends

The pandemic taught us all to expect the unexpected, whatever our professional field. But a fast-moving industry like cannabis requires extra diligence. If your business isn’t prepared to pivot to accommodate marijuana industry trends, it might not survive its competition.  Let’s look at how you can build adaptability into the roots of your company culture … Read more

How To Get Hemp Farm Loans In 6 Steps: The Quick Guide

CBD companies depend on hemp farmers for high-quality flowers. Like any other business, you need working capital to run your farm, grow hemp, and supply your customers with the products they need. Sometimes, however, you may need a little extra working capital to achieve these goals, especially if you’re looking to expand your operations. That’s … Read more

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