Sitting Down With Pioneer Valley Extracts: How PVx Meets Demand

Legalization efforts at the state level have made the cannabis market one of the biggest growth industries in Massachusetts. Pioneer Valley Extracts — PVx for short — started doing business in 2021 to help meet this growing demand. Currently, PVx provides manufacturing services such as cannabis extraction, packaging, and distribution, and it also handcrafts its … Read more

A Cannabis Retailers Quick Guide: CA, CO, OR & MA Regulations

The cannabis industry is booming, and many budding entrepreneurs are eager to open their own cannabis dispensaries. However, the legal side of opening a dispensary can be very complicated and requires a lot of research.  The first step to opening a cannabis dispensary is to pick a location. Currently, cannabis is not legal in every … Read more

How to Make Cannabis Eco-Friendly

As a cannabis grower, you know just how many rules and regulations you need to follow to stay compliant with state and local laws. Keeping up with these regulations requires a lot of time and effort and can shift your focus off of other essential issues, like how to make cannabis eco-friendly. Cannabis distributors rely … Read more

Can You Ever Transport Cannabis Across State Lines?

Cannabis is legal in a growing number of states across the USA. Depending on the state, cannabis may be legal for either recreational or medical purposes. In some regions, while cannabis remains illegal, police seldom make arrests for cannabis use. However, while the laws about cannabis are changing on a local level, possessing cannabis is … Read more

Introducing Denver Dab Co

Denver Dab Co. is setting the bar for growth in Colorado. The company is a licensed processor focused on the production of top-shelf wax, shatter, and live resins in Colorado. They offer a unique high-end experience for cannabis users. Denver Dab Co. was one of the first businesses in the country to fill this niche, … Read more

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