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Any builder, property investor, landlord, or flip specialist knows the hardship of getting funds for various projects. They know that the traditional process is not always the best route when one needs a convenient solution with little difficulty.

Anyone with a questionable employment history or a shaky credit score prefers the best hard money lender over the most friendly bank. Knowing the attributes of the best one is a smart way of ensuring all your projects have consistent, smooth funding.

Qualities of the best hard money lender


The best hard money lenders have the right licensing papers from the Department of Real Estate. They also have active registrations in organizations like the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry. Check the validity of the Real Estate Broker License against the local authorities’ records and verify that it does not have any complaints from disgruntled clients.


Hard money lenders have different types of loans. Some specialize in investor financing, commercial properties, or foreclosure rescues. The best lender should be keen on the intent of the loan because they can judge your ability to honor the contract and enact one that suits both parties. Be prepared to provide information such as:

  • Critical deadline dates
  • Address of the property
  • Purchase price of the property
  • The renovation budget
  • Type of property


Some loan lenders are less inclined to help you finance a real estate project because their business is more like that of a typical loan shark. The only way to vouch for a prospective lender is by acquiring reviews from ongoing and previous clients. Use the following questions as guidelines when evaluating the lender’s reputation:

  • Does the lender have clients you can meet or contact? A lender within your state is likely to have a couple of clients that you can easily contact to view their property and verify the loaning process.
  • Does the lender’s website reflect their professionalism? Many lenders prefer to gather substantial information about you before they can trust you with their money.
  • Does the lender have outstanding investors? The lender’s clients should not have ongoing lawsuits on their properties, foreclosures, or red flags of an unhealthy financial situation with the lender.


Most lenders have experience working with various real estate players in your region. A newbie one may not understand how to be the best hard money lender because they lack the fundamentals of real estate. The vast experience of Bay Mountain Capital spans back to 2008. We have financed more than 2000 residential and commercial clients, and use the latest real estate developments to work with subsequent clients.  


A trustworthy lender will not harass you for repayments before the due date. You can establish a firm’s trust by checking for appraisals, inspections of the business, and the professionalism of the written contract. The point of using a hard money lender should not distract you from requiring honor in the professional relationship.

Our business continues to offer services to clients within and without the local area because we have a solid reputation in the real estate industry. Working with us is the easiest way to complete your project while ensuring your finances do not become a long-term burden.


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