Blogging To Increase Your Cannabis Money Flow: Does It Work?

An essential component of running a cannabis business — or any business — is marketing. It’s how you let potential customers know you exist and attract them to your company. Without it, you might quickly find yourself lost among the sea of other businesses vying for the same consumer base. 

While numerous marketing tactics are available, one of the most well-known is blogging. Blogging is a form of digital (online) content marketing. It’s the act of writing posts or articles about a specific topic — in this case, cannabis. For instance, if you operate a dispensary, you might blog about popular strains, new products, or how consumers can find the right products for them. 

Blogging for Business: Key Benefits

Creating and maintaining a blog that provides relevant and valuable information to your readers can yield many benefits, including:

How Blogging Can Increase Your Cannabis Money Flow

Blogging also makes an excellent tool for increasing your cannabis money flow. Here are a few options to consider:

Offer Your Products or Services

Well-written blog posts can be incredibly effective for turning website visitors into paying customers. Mention products or services you offer (when relevant) and include links to the appropriate pages. Don’t forget to include clear calls to action (CTAs) at the end of your posts if you want your readers to take a specific action. For example, “check out our products,” “visit our dispensary,” “order online and pick up in-store,” etc. 

Write Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is when another company pays you to write about its products or services on your blog. For instance, a cannabis chef might create an article detailing their experience using a cultivator’s new strain. 

Create Exclusive Paid Membership Content

If you have a popular blog, there’s a good chance some of your most loyal followers will be willing to pay to read more. You have a couple of options — a one-time fee or a monthly subscription. 

You don’t necessarily have to gate all of your content, either. Instead, you can keep some posts open to all (to attract readers) and reserve your more valuable content for members only. 

Create an E-Book

Depending on your particular business, another option to consider is writing an e-book. For example, an edibles chef might create a digital recipe book. The key here is that the topic needs to be interesting enough to your readers that they’ll want to pay for it. After writing your book, be sure to promote it on your blog.

Getting Started With Your Cannabis Blog

Are you ready to monetize your blog? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Determine the purpose of your blog
  • Know your target audience
  • Create a blogging schedule and publish content regularly

When starting a blog, you’ll also want to consider how it will impact your marketing budget. If you find yourself in need of additional funding, Bespoke Financial is here to help. With a variety of financing and lending solutions, you can get the money you need to get your blog up, running, and generating traffic without sacrificing your other marketing efforts. 

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