Cannabis Events for Recreational & Medical Marijuana Businesses

Anyone overseeing medical marijuana businesses — or active in any way in the cannabis industry — knows how important networking is to success. After all, business grows with relationships.

Besides, going to cannabis events is one of the best perks of working in this field. Since the cannabis industry is relatively young, evolution is constant. Business owners throughout the cannabis vertical (and especially those with vertical integration from field to dispensary) need to be up to date with the latest science and trends. 

Whether you’re focused on cannabis retail, cultivation, distribution, or any other specialized segment, it’s worth taking time away from the day-to-day operations and turning your attention to what’s out there. Cannabis events help you to do the research and meet new people in the fastest most exciting way possible.

What To Expect at a Cannabis Event

For owners of recreational and medical marijuana businesses, there’s always so much to learn. Cultivators can refine their techniques and find new strains. Distributors can find new markets and niches. Retailers can learn about new technology and trends. 

At events focused on the marijuana and hemp industries, you can expect:

  • Vendors interested in showcasing  their latest products and services
  • Updates on current legal status throughout the United States and the rest of the world
  • Opportunities to meet fellow entrepreneurs interested in partnership and inspiration
  • New contacts for ancillary professionals specialized in knowledge of the cannabis industry
  • Fun ways to learn and explore more about a common passion

Usually, cannabis events are held in cities where there are plenty of other interesting cultural opportunities. These events tend to favor areas with voters who have already legalized medical, and usually recreational, cannabis use. The good news is that the number of legalized places is rising steadily. 

Cannabis Events for Your Calendar

If you’re serious about growth in the industry, plan on attending at least one cannabis conference or expo this year. Here are a few you should consider in 2022:







Tips for Success at a Cannabis Conference

No matter where you decide to go (and many forward-thinking business owners go to more than one cannabis event each year), make sure you have plenty of business cards to exchange. Wear comfortable shoes and come with a plan. What are the top five things or people you’d like to learn about or connect with while you’re there?

Creating a team is an important part of growing any business. While you are networking, you should feel confident that your business is running smoothly with finances in order. To learn more about how to maximize your success in the cannabis industry, connect with Bespoke Financial today.

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