Senior Data Engineer

job description

You’ll make data and data products accessible to Bespoke Financial:

  1. For customer and internal Operations use cases
  2. For internal data scientists, which will also include data tooling for them


  1. Be the “go-to person” for all things related to data engineering.
  2. Design and build user-friendly data platforms upon which data scientists can easily test and deploy models to production.
  3. Build and maintain robust, observable data pipelines.
  4. Guarantee timeliness, reliability, and correctness of large amounts of data.
  5. Scope, design, and build tools for internal users to increase their efficiency ten-fold.
  6. Design and implement customer facing data services and products from end to end.
  7. Collaborate closely with analysts and data scientists to deeply understand business problems and data needs and then be a guiding voice in architecting solutions.
  8. Maintain a strong data-driven culture within the company by interacting with diverse internal functions.


  1. 3+ years experience in software engineering, 1+ years specifically with data engineering.
  2. Strong communication skills and previous experience working with cross-functional business groups.
  3. Experience with data pipelines and data warehousing, such as Google BigQuery,
  4. Amazon Redshift, or Snowflake.
  5. Proficiency in capture and maintenance of data in SQL and NoSQL databases.
  6. Proficiency in fast-paced software engineering on an engineer team, following software engineering development cycles.
  7. Experience working with Python.
  8. Strong sense of agency and self-initiative / intrinsic motivation to push projects forward.
  9. Innate sense of curiosity to discover business opportunities powered by data.
  10. Process-oriented, detail-oriented, and analytically-oriented mindset.
  11. Natural enjoyment from solving complex problems with a methodical approach.

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