What Cannabis Distributors Can Expect This Holiday Season as U.S. Borders Reopen

The past two years have been complicated for many fields, but none quite so much as the cannabis industry. The pandemic has closed borders, affected the economy, and kept people bored at home, looking for ways to entertain themselves. All of these changes have impacted the cannabis industry. They have made it challenging to import … Read more

Who Are the Cannabis Delivery Companies?

Legalized cannabis delivery has recently hit an all-time high and shows no signs of slowing down. Keeping up with demand, staying well-staffed with reliable drivers, and adapting to the ever-changing legislation landscape in each state appear to be the biggest obstacles facing these delivery companies. Prior to the  pandemic, cannabis delivery services were not common … Read more

The 3 Reasons to Get Behind Cannabis Delivery

The cannabis industry is growing, and with growth comes change. One big change that’s sweeping the field is delivery.  There will always be a place in the cannabis market for dispensaries. In-person retail allows customers to inspect their purchases themselves, talk to budtenders about their preferences, and participate in the local cannabis community. However, delivery … Read more

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