How to Get Extra Cannabis Financing for Increased Demand During the Holiday Rush

Holidays are a busy time of year for businesses in all industries, including cannabis. While nationwide sales have increased drastically overall with more states legalizing cannabis use, there are certain times of year in which demand spikes. For example, 4/20 is the industry’s biggest holiday. Compared to average sales, 4/20 represented a 75% increase in … Read more

Cannabis Lending Plan for the New Year: 6 Types of Businesses We Work With

Like businesses in any other industry, there may come a time when a cannabis company needs financial assistance. However, a cannabis company can’t get a conventional business loan from a bank or credit union. With cannabis still illegal on the federal level, most financial institutions are hesitant to extend financing to cannabis businesses, no matter … Read more

Cannabis Financing Made Easy: 5 Smart Options to Know Heading Into 2022

Raising capital for a cannabis business isn’t the same as it is for other companies. With cannabis still illegal on the federal level, most conventional financial institutions are hesitant to provide funds to businesses in the cannabis industry. That can make getting the money you need to run and grow your business difficult.  Fortunately, you … Read more

Cannabis Financing For Inventory: Your Stress-Free Guide

While cannabis may be legal on the state level in several states across the country, it’s still illegal federally. As such, cannabis businesses can’t get financing from a traditional bank or credit union like every other company can. However, there are alternative lenders out there who specialize in cannabis financing solutions.  A popular cannabis financing … Read more

Questions to Ask Before Raising Capital for Your Cannabis Business

The cannabis industry is thriving and you’re thinking about starting your own business. But where to start? What questions should you ask? This article will give you some pointers about how to raise capital for a cannabis business.  Cannabis entrepreneurs face many challenges, beginning with funding. Cannabis financing can be difficult because traditional bank loans … Read more

What is Cannabis Crowdfunding?

The cannabis industry is growing quickly. Every year, more states legalize and decriminalize cannabis, creating a huge demand. With the demand for cannabis products increasing, you’d think dispensaries would be popping up all over. However, cannabis business owners still face with a big dilemma: funding.  Due to federal regulations, cannabis businesses don’t qualify for traditional … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Investing in Delta-8 THC

The popularity of delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has been growing for months, with businesses rushing to market delta-8 THC-infused products to consumers. The reason for this? Delta-8 THC is reported to cause many of the same effects as delta-9 THC (the cannabinoid you’re usually referring to when you say “THC”). However, while these compounds are chemically … Read more

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