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Stirling is a top of the line CBD producer and supplier in the USA. We have been producing the highest quality and 100% pure CBD since 2014. We have grown from a small farm in the mountains of Santa Cruz County, California, to the huge producers and suppliers of CBD nationwide. Our main production farm is located in Kentucky but the essence of our products has remained the same, and that is care and authenticity. All our products are pure and tested. We stand behind all our products and also have a full-refund policy for any of our customers. Our CBD isolate is 99.6% pure, tested, and approved. We make no fake claims and our products have acclamations of purity and the best quality from Customers all over the US. CBD isolate is a form of CBD that is refined and contains pure CBD up to 99%, we offer a 99.6% ratio for ours. This form of CBD is pure of any phytocannabinoids, such as THC, and any plant substances. Making it ideal and safe to use for people of all ages, and body types.

Uses of Pure CBD isolate:

1) Improving the immune system: CBD isolate is very beneficial when it comes to making the immune system stronger and more efficient. The drug boosts the immune system of the individual who consumes it in required doses anis a way to help prevent immunity disorders or a weak immune system due to various factors such as chemo, genetics, etc.

2) Reducing anxiety or preventing it: CBD has been researched to find out that along with the other receptors in the body that it can affect, it also works on Serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical in the body that can in non-medical terms be called joy chemical. It increases the feeling of joy and pleasantness in the body. This results in the reduction of anxiety and depression in individuals. CBD isolate is used in many common anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs. It has a calming, therapeutic effect on the body and has very little to no side effects.

3) Analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties: A common use of CBD isolate is to reduce pain and inflammation. Research has proven this drug to be an effective pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.

4) Anticonvulsant: To add to its medical uses, CBD isolate also works as an anticonvulsant, to prevent and reduce seizures. It is a useful drug for patients with a history of panic attacks and seizures.

These are just some of the uses that this drug performs and the list goes on, such as anti-tumorigenic, neuroprotective, antiemetic, and so on. The highest-quality CBD isolate from Stirling has received several positive testimonials of how these properties of the CBD isolate, which can only be found in pure isolate such as that of Stirling’s has benefitted the users. Such as the testimonial of several athletes, who have consumed the pure CBD crystal from Stirling and have felt energetic and refreshed.

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