Dispensary Startup Tips: Attracting Wellness-Minded Audiences

The global pandemic has made health and wellness a popular topic worldwide. This has created an invaluable new audience for dispensary start-ups: wellness-minded shoppers. 

Wellness consumers are looking for products that can improve their overall health or make them feel better. They define wellness not just as eating right and exercising but as optimizing every element of their overall mental and physical health. Here’s how dispensary start-ups can target wellness demographics to maximize their growth potential and unlock new markets.

What Attracts Wellness-Minded Shoppers?

Wellness demographics are much broader than a specific age group or gender. Anyone can be a wellness-minded shopper if they care about a few consistent product elements. Members of wellness marijuana demographics typically prefer to purchase things that are:

  • Natural and organic. They prefer items that are minimally processed and often prefer sustainable local products. For example, these shoppers may choose to buy cannabis flowers instead of vapes.
  • Clean or pure. Similarly, most wellness shoppers are attracted to “clean” or “pure” products with minimal additives. They may prefer to buy solventless marijuana extracts instead of oils made using butane extractions, for example.
  • Designed to improve general “well-being” and mental health. A great way to draw in wellness shoppers is by marketing products to enhance health and well-being. This includes selling strains based on their health benefits, such as indica strains that make sleeping easier.
  • Used and approved by trusted influencers. Wellness shoppers trust influencers significantly more than other forms of marketing because they feel a personal connection to them. Social media influencers promoting your products can build brand trust among wellness shoppers.

How To Appeal to Wellness-Minded Consumers

Many wellness-minded consumers are predisposed to appreciate cannabis products due to the broad reach of CBD and hemp in various wellness markets. You can capitalize on this by structuring your marketing to include other wellness draws.

There are two simple ways to make your dispensary start-up more appealing to wellness shoppers. First, provide a range of products from organic farms. Their flower is perceived as purer and more natural, making them more attractive to wellness shoppers suspicious of artificial pesticides and fertilizers.

Second, highlight the physical and mental benefits of marijuana. Both online and in-store, include a brief explanation of each strain’s benefits to reinforce the idea that these strains can improve customers’ overall health.

Of course, appealing to the wellness marijuana demographics only works if you know what they want and they know you exist. You can reach these consumers by:

  • Conducting market research among current customers as well as customers of other local wellness businesses such as yoga studios and health food stores
  • Exploring digital marketing options such as local health and wellness influencers
  • Focusing on CBD just as much as THC in your marketing

Build Your Dispensary Start-Up by Attracting Wellness Shoppers

Wellness shoppers are increasingly important marijuana demographics for dispensary start-ups. You can tap the full potential of wellness demographics by marketing your business carefully and ensuring you have organic, natural marijuana products on hand. You can kickstart your dispensary’s growth with a dispensary loan from Bespoke Financial today to fund bulk orders of marijuana products and appeal to your local untapped wellness market.

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