Hiring Tips for Cannabis Startups: Building the Perfect Team

According to Leafly’s Jobs Report 2022, the cannabis industry saw a 33% increase in jobs in 2021, making it the fifth consecutive year the industry saw annual job growth of more than 27%. In other words, the market is booming. 

For cannabis startups, this incredible growth shows that people are interested in working in the industry. However, when searching for employees, you want to be sure you’re hiring the best people for your business. 

What Makes the Perfect Team?

Your employees are arguably your greatest assets. They have the power to make or break your cannabis startup. Passionate, enthusiastic team players can motivate one another to work harder. People who can nurture customer relationships, whether you serve cannabis users or other cannabis businesses, are also vital. In other words, the right people can help you grow and succeed.

How to Build a Strong Team: Hiring Tips for Your Cannabis Startup

Here are some hiring tips that can help you build the ideal team.

Write a Clear Job Description 

Craft a clear, detailed job description that outlines the job, what the expectations are, and who the ideal candidate is. For instance, a dispensary might want budtenders who have sales experience and excellent people skills.

Look Beyond the Cannabis Industry

Limiting yourself to candidates within the cannabis industry could mean you miss out on incredible talent. A baker might be an excellent edibles chef. Likewise, a retail pharmacist could make for a star budtender. When looking to fill specific roles, consider the skills the right candidate would need and where you might find them in other industries. 

Hire Individuals Who Share Your Company’s Values

Employees who share the values of your cannabis business are more likely to stick with you. Shared values can also strengthen employees’ performance, create a sense of belonging, and help  build awareness for your new brand. 

Recruit a Diverse Workforce

A diverse workforce helps prevent the formation of certain biases in the cannabis industry and fosters unique, innovative solutions to problems your budding business may face. It helps expose more people to cannabis and establishes trust with your target audiences at the same time.  Diversity within cannabis startups can also go a long way toward creating a happier, healthier workplace. 

Make Your Startup an Attractive Place to Work

Your cannabis startup may not be able to offer employees generous benefits packages or hefty salaries right away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t attract potential employees to your company. Perks like opportunities for advancement with education and training, employee discounts, trade-show travel opportunities, and vacation time can all entice job seekers to apply. 

Looking for the Right Employees for Your Cannabis Startup? Get the Financing You Need to Build Your Team

For cannabis startups, learning how to build a strong team is crucial. The right people can help get your business up and running. They can also help you grow and succeed in the industry. 

The only problem is that attracting and retaining great employees requires money. If you need additional funds to find, hire, and train the right people, Bespoke Financial is here to help. Visit us today to  learn more about our financing options and see how we can work with you to create the ideal team for your new business.

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