How To Find Growers in California: A Dispensary Owner’s Guide

Dispensary owners know they’re only as good as their growers. If the farm supplying your retail outlet with high-quality cannabis goes dark, you may find yourself with disappointed customers. Wondering how to find growers in California who offer quality and reliability? Read on.

It’s one thing to just run down a list of licensed California weed growers. Figuring out whether these growers are reputable is another. It’s true that any of the hard-working farmers here are likely going to be providing superior marijuana and hemp than anything you could buy overseas. But it’s hard to feel confident in the effort that it takes to develop a strong partnership.

After all, a partnership is exactly what forms between growers and other entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. Regardless of your vertical integration, you need to personally know the people and processes that happen to cultivate and prepare the plants for distribution. If you don’t own the farm, who does?

Here are some things to consider when you want to know how to find growers in California and create the necessary, strong business relationships that everyone needs to thrive.

Use a Credible Directory

The first thing you should do when you’re searching for growers is to check online. You’ll quickly discover that there are many kinds of directories of cannabis farmers. With the laws as they are, many people may claim to have an operation but that may not be true. Dispensary owners don’t need to waste their time connecting with hobbyists.

Make sure you’re relying on a credible directory when you begin your search. The California Department of Food and Agriculture oversees many parts of the cannabis industry, including professional farmers. This government agency even has a list of featured state growers and links to their websites.

Research Experience and Expertise

Don’t take the state’s word for it. Take time to thoroughly research each company. Before you reach out to a farm, learn more about their values, the depth of their operation, and their years in the industry. Check for mentions in the media and read their online blog if they have one. Know their leadership and each person’s background.

Ask Your Network

Don’t be afraid to talk with your peers within the cannabis industry. Although it’s a rapidly growing field with such potential, it’s still fairly small. You may be surprised to learn that someone you’ve worked with for years can personally introduce you to the CEO of the grow operation you’ve been researching.

Check for Proper Licenses

Just because a company claims to be licensed by the state doesn’t mean that the license is up to date or specific to the work they’re doing. It’s not so much a matter of distrust as covering your tail. The last thing your business needs is a problem with licensing.

Study Your Competition

Finally, see what your competition is doing. Depending on your dispensary and business structure, you may even be able to work with the same farm and be more competitive. Or, you may discover a way to improve their process that will help you attract even more customers. 

Work With a Cannabis Financial Firm

No matter the grower you decide to partner with, you need to make sure your finances are always handled by professionals who understand the industry. To schedule an appointment and learn more about how these connections matter, log on to Bespoke Financial’s website today.

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