Introducing Space Coyote – Premium Infused Joints

Space Coyote is the cosmic love child born of co-founders Scott Sundvor and Libby Cooper in the Californian desert. In the fall of 2018, while watching a meteor shower at Joshua Tree National Park, they made plans to take their shared love of premium flower joints infused with different hashes and other extracts to the people. Their goal? To give everyone that lights up a Space Coyote joint a delectable terpene flavor profile and a smoothly elegant high each and every time. 

‌Space Coyote is California’s premier brand for high-end infused pre-rolls and premium potency flower. At Space Coyote, they believe in smokable, potent products filled with quality ingredients. Every Space Coyote pre-roll is filled with the most delicious, full flower and your favorite concentrates sourced from the most passionate producers in California.

Why Space Coyote Began Working with Bespoke Financial

Space Coyote began working with Bespoke Financial when a flaky market supply led them to pursue capital sources. With the access to financing that Bespoke Financial provided, Space Coyote was able to get ahead of the curve and achieve security in access to the highest quality materials the high-end cannabis market could provide. Space Coyote only uses the finest quality flower and extracts in their premium pre-rolls. Ensuring reliable access to the best smoke in California helps them keep their products on the shelf year-round. 

How Bespoke Helps Space Coyote Reach Their Goals

The Bespoke services that Space Coyote utilizes to secure long-term contracts and de-risk their supply chain are Invoice Financing, Inventory Financing, and Line of Credit. Space Coyote can better plan its growth path with these valuable assets and make down payments on long lead-time items. 

The services Bespoke provides cannabis distributors like Scott and Libby’s Space Coyote translates to better tasting, more potent products on the shelves, and many happy, blazed customers. Scott and Libby are often smoking live on their Facebook page with their followers. You can check that out here. 

Following Space Coyote’s Journey

If you want to keep up with Scott and Libby’s journey with Space Coyote, you can follow them on Facebook with the above link or on Instagram at and

Bespoke Financial Helps Cannabis Companies Grow

Bespoke Financial provides various services for cannabis businesses that help them reach their goals and enjoy consistent growth. With flexible financing solutions like Bespoke’s revolving Line of Credit, companies can pay vendors and non-vendor expenses and draw down capital to use however they need, whenever. Bespoke will also pay vendors on behalf of their clients, so their clients never miss out on a buying opportunity. ‌

Inventory Financing with 120-day terms helps cannabis businesses increase their purchasing power by buying larger quantities at lower prices, improving their Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). With Purchase Money Financing, Bespoke advances 100% of the purchase of raw materials, enabling companies to fulfill purchase orders in times of increased demand. Invoice Financing makes it possible for cannabis companies to sell to their clients on terms while retaining access to capital and growth. 

‌To learn more about Bespoke Financial and how they’re helping cannabis companies reach their growth goals, head over to their website today. Cannabis distributors interested in applying for dispensary loans are encouraged to apply on the website to begin their journey with Bespoke Financial.

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