Join Marijuana Clubs: Top 4 Online Platforms That Cannabis Businesses Should Know

As the cannabis industry gets increasingly popular (and legal) in the U.S. and globally, there is a huge demand for safe, online places for cannabis connoisseurs and entrepreneurs to interact and exchange information over a puff of virtual weed. 

While you can technically upload cannabis posts on mainstream social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or LinkedIn, you risk getting your business account reported or shut down for simply using terms like “weed.” As a result, several marijuana clubs and social media platforms have sprouted online to help cannabis business owners and entrepreneurs build professional and personal connections.

Why Should Your Business Join A Cannabis Social Club? 

Being a part of a cannabis-specific trade organization or social club is an excellent way to increase brand recognition and sales. Here are a few advantages of being part of a cannabis professional organization:

  • You can interact with like-minded individuals and other businesses who provide support and information and can even send customers your way. 
  • Special discounts on products or services may be available — for example, a cannabis cultivator could connect with a cannabis packaging business and purchase their products at a generous discount thanks to the club.
  • Many cannabis networking groups allow you to interact with successful cannabis entrepreneurs whom you can approach for business advice. 
  • It helps to increase business credibility. Often, customers prefer to shop from a reputed brand, and being part of a social club or business organization adds legitimacy to your business. 

Types of Cannabis Social Clubs

Online Platforms

Just as there are online forums, communities, and social media networks for mainstream businesses, there are online platforms specifically for marijuana businesses. These platforms help you increase brand awareness, establish brand authority, promote your products online, generate leads, win customer conversions, and build long-lasting and engaging connections with your target audience. 

Professional Organizations

Professional cannabis organizations like the National Cannabis Industry Association bring together like-minded cannabis entrepreneurs and provide an excellent opportunity to grow and develop your professional network. They help you stay updated with the latest happenings in the field and help you maximize growth opportunities. 

Social Clubs

These nonprofit organizations aim to provide members with access to high-quality weed and encourage safe consumption. Marijuana social clubs can operate online, offline, or a mix of both. 

Top 4 Platforms for Marijuana Businesses To Use

1. Crypto Cannabis Club 

The Crypto Cannabis Club is the leading destination for cannabis NFT enthusiasts. It provides an exciting and engaging online community for cannabis users online and in the Metaverse. The platform aims to provide community members seamless connectivity between the real world and the Metaverse. You can join the Crypto Cannabis Club by joining the official Discord community. 

2. Cannabis-Specific Social Media Platforms

We’ve picked the top three social platforms that make it easy for cannabis and hemp-related companies to network and engage with their ever-expanding audience:

  • WeedLife is a massive social platform for all things marijuana. You can easily create a business account to promote your products or services and widen your brand reach. Extremely user-friendly, it makes it easy to stay on top of what’s happening in cannabis. 
  • Grasscity is one of the original marijuana social clubs on the internet. What started as a website to connect weed producers with their target audience has grown into a thriving community of connoisseurs helping and sharing information. 
  • 420 Magazine Forums is the online community of 420 Magazine, a traditional print media outlet. You can participate in community discussions to know about the latest legalization rules and trends. 

Other noteworthy options include LeafWire, CannaSOS, WeedTube, and Weedable

3. Cannabis Business Association

The Cannabis Business Association is an excellent online platform for aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs to learn the ropes of growing and developing a cannabis business. It educates entrepreneurs about the opportunities and challenges in the fast-growing cannabis industry through experiential educational events, lectures, and social gatherings. 

4. The National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) 

Founded in 2017, the NACB plays a crucial role in ensuring responsible and sustainable business practices in the marijuana industry. The NACB awards the prestigious NACB medallion to reliable, trustworthy, and compliant businesses. You can apply for your business to become a member of the NACB by filling out this form. You can display the medallion on your site, packaging, and other branding material, demonstrating your standards, ethics, and commitment to your customers and stakeholders. 

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