Marijuana Growing Business Insights: Indoor vs. Outdoor Growing

Many marijuana farmers are particular about how they grow their plants. Choosing the right growing conditions can make all the difference to crop yields and profits. 

If you’re just entering the marijuana growing business, the first decision you’ll need to make is deciding between indoor vs. outdoor farming. Here’s what you need to know about these different growing conditions and how they can affect your plants.

What Is Outdoor Marijuana Growing?

Outdoor marijuana growing is the most traditional way to farm cannabis. When you grow plants outdoors, all you need is a plot of land, a water hookup, and security. The plants will grow according to their natural lifecycle with minimal intervention.

The downside to outdoor marijuana farming is that your plants are at the mercy of pests and the weather. If conditions are poor, you can wind up with a much smaller crop than anticipated. Finally, outdoor growing is often slower than indoor growing because you can’t adjust the light cycle.

What Is Indoor Marijuana Growing?

Indoor growing is cultivating marijuana plants inside a greenhouse or other facility. When you grow inside, your plants aren’t at the mercy of the weather. You have complete control over your plants’ temperature, light, water, and nutrients. With the proper care, this leads to faster, healthier harvests.

This control is excellent for businesses that need consistent results all year long. However, it has a significant drawback. You’ll need to ensure you have the equipment and funds to keep the lights on and the plants cared for through their entire lifecycle, or you could lose the whole crop.

What Is Hybrid Marijuana Growing?

There’s an alternative to choosing between indoor vs. outdoor farming. You can also consider hybrid farming, which involves both indoor and outdoor growing during different parts of the plant’s lifecycle. 

Marijuana plants rely on light cues to flower. If you keep your plants indoors during the growth phase, you can expose them to light 24/7 to speed up their growth. Then you can take your plants outside, so the natural light cycle encourages them to flower with less work. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Growing Method for Your Business

If you’re trying to choose the right cultivation technique for your marijuana growing business, try asking yourself a few questions:

  • How many harvests do you want to accomplish each year?
  • What are the outdoor conditions like in your area?
  • Do you have access to enough resources to set up an indoor or hybrid facility?

If you live in the perfect climate for marijuana growing, then outdoor farming might be the right choice. However, a hybrid or indoor facility may be better if you need multiple crops a year or your environment isn’t ideal for outdoor growth. 

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