Medical Marijuana Vendor Insights: The FDA’s Ban on Juul E-Cigs

At the end of June 2022, the FDA banned Juul e-cigarettes from US markets and ordered the company to remove all of its products. Currently, the order is temporarily paused due to an emergency stay by a US court of appeals and the FDA’s review of potentially unique issues related to the company’s e-cigarettes.

The FDA’s ban was put in place after years of concern that Juul and similar e-cigarettes were encouraging tobacco use among young people who would not otherwise smoke. This has made many recreational and medical marijuana vendors concerned about a Juul e-cigarette vs. a vape pen for cannabis under the new law. Keep reading to learn how these items compare and how the FDA’s ban may affect the marijuana industry.

Why People Buy Vape Pens

Juul e-cigarettes were popular for a reason. Vape pens, in general, are perceived as “healthier” than burning and inhaling plant matter. Many believe vaping is safer for the lungs since it involves fewer byproducts like smoke, ash, and tar. This opinion applies to both e-cigarette and marijuana vape pens.

People may also buy vapes due to perceived higher quality control. These people may want better control over the amount they inhale. Vapes are typically clearly labeled with their potency levels, so buyers can choose how strong they want their experience. 

The History and Importance of Vaping in the Marijuana Industry

These perceived benefits have made vaping a critical part of the modern marijuana industry. Today, vaping is one of the most popular ways to consume THC, especially among younger people. 

This has made many people worried that the FDA’s Juul e-cigarette ban will harm the marijuana industry. However, that’s unlikely to happen while marijuana products remain federally illegal. 

Under the FDA, all marijuana products are technically illegal. Therefore, marijuana vape pens will most likely remain regulated by individual states instead of the FDA for the foreseeable future. Twenty-eight states have made THC vaping explicitly legal for medical purposes.

The FDA’s ruling could still affect recreational and medical marijuana vendors. If states follow the FDA’s footsteps in banning vapes, the distinction between a Juul e-cigarette and a vape pen may not matter to legislators. 

How to Prepare for Potential Changes to Vaping Laws

If you’re concerned about the FDA’s ruling impacting your business, the best thing you can do is be prepared. You can make your business more resilient to changing laws by staying informed and widening your product pool.

Keeping yourself up to date on cannabis laws is fundamental to keeping your business running. Make sure you’re aware of new marijuana bills so you’re better prepared to adjust your business to new conditions.

The other key to a resilient business is maintaining a diverse product pool. If you only sell vapes, a law that bans vape pens could hamstring your business. Have a wide variety of products on hand so a single bill won’t force you to close your doors.

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