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A significant barrier for anyone struggling with alcohol or drug addiction is committing time to their treatment. A lot of addicts that need professional help will say that work or family obligations make it nearly impossible to check into a residential treatment facility. In instances like these, an Oxnard IOP might be the right option; however, doing your research for addiction rehabilitation programs is the only way to know you are making the right decision.

Finding The Best Intensive Outpatient Program

Someone with time constraints and outside obligations will find that IOP addiction treatment is growing in popularity. This is intensive drug and alcohol treatment outpatient, allowing time and flexibility to meet all personal work and family obligations. In a nutshell, this is getting treatment without having to put your entire life on hold.

How Does An Oxnard IOP Work?

An intensive alcohol and drug treatment program brings together a variety of treatment protocols to form a flexible yet intense program. An IOP will be less structured than a traditional inpatient or residential rehab but is longer than you find at some outpatient facilities.

An IOP and Outpatient treatment for substance abuse offers similar services, including:

  • Detoxification
  • Therapy for individuals, peer groups, families, and couples
  • Drug screening
  • Long-term aftercare and ongoing support

The main difference between an IOP over a standard outpatient program is the patient’s time while in treatment. IOP clients will have scheduled meetings with doctors, professional addiction specialists, and mental health professionals for a minimum of nine hours each week. However, some facilities may provide around 15 hours of services spread across several days. To make these programs even more flexible, day and evening sessions will usually be available.

Flexibility makes an IOP so attractive to patients who cannot get away for periods of time. However, the intensity of an IOP truly benefits them the most.

Who Usually Checks Into An IOP?

A good IOP can be an excellent choice for someone unable to be absent from their day-to-day life for a long period. Some of the people that look into IOP care will include:

  • Single parents – This includes parents of young children so they can keep their bond intact rather than being gone for weeks or months. IOPs also eliminate the need for long-term childcare.
  • People with families – People with special needs children or older kids will still want to be present in their lives. This allows them to stay at home, spend time with kids, and participate in family activities and milestones they may otherwise miss.
  • Working people – Anyone with work conflicts might need to check into an IOP rather than residential care. IOPs help you keep on track with finances, stay up to date with projects at work, and more.
  • Students – Missing a significant time from college would possibly mean dropping out. Outpatient care allows students to remain in the classroom.

If you have questions about spending time recovering with the help of an Oxnard IOP, we are here with answers at Channel Islands Rehab. Call us at (800) 675-7963 or verify your insurance to get help for yourself or a loved one before it is too late.

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