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Line of Credit

The freedom to finance whatever your business needs, whenever.

Want the most flexible financing? Do you need to pay vendors and non-vendor expenses? With Bespoke’s revolving Line of Credit you can draw down capital to use as you like or request Bespoke pay vendors on your behalf so you never miss out on a buying opportunity.
Inventory Financing

Never miss out on another buying opportunity again.

Increase your purchasing power by buying larger quantities at lower prices to improve your COG’s. We will pay your vendors directly so you can pay COD while still receiving 120 day terms from Bespoke.
Purchase Money Financing

Don’t let cash flow issues slow down your growth.

Cannabis companies often receive PO’s but don’t have the capital on hand to fulfill the orders during times of increased demand. Bespoke advances 100% of your purchase of raw materials enabling you to fulfill purchase orders.
Invoice Financing

Sell to your clients on terms but still have access to capital.

Most cannabis businesses wait at least 30 days before receiving payments on their open invoices, creating working capital strains and hindering growth. Invoice financing helps by providing your business with capital when you need it.

Improve Margins and Grow With Access to Capital

Manage your AP by paying vendors with a line of credit so you are not limited by cash flow. Increase your purchasing power by paying COD or buying in bulk to access discounts and receive 60 day terms from Bespoke. Complete this form to see if you pre-qualify!
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