Cannabis Business Loans for Distributors

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Invoice Financing for Distributors

As a linchpin of the cannabis supply chain, it’s crucial that your company have the cash flow it needs to reliably deliver upon your promises. Open invoices can limit your access to funds, making it harder to run your business. Don’t get slowed down—stay flexible with invoice financing.

With Bespoke Financial’s invoice financing, you can maintain your cash flow while taking advantage of new opportunities, expanding your business, or further investing in your business. Our cannabis business loans support growth and scaling activities.

Once you’re approved, we’ll send 80% of an open invoice directly to your bank account. Once your customers have paid Bespoke, we’ll send you the remaining 20%, minus accrued financing fees. It’s a simple way to keep your operation running smoothly.


Inventory Financing for Distributors

Don’t miss an opportunity to purchase flower or biomass due to lack of cash on hand.

Keep your fleet and processes up to date so you can continue to deliver on time. With inventory financing from Bespoke Financial, you can get the cannabis business loans you need to improve your operations.

Once you’re approved for inventory financing from Bespoke, we’ll pay 100% of an invoice directly to your vendor. Once you’re ready, you’ll then pay us the total invoice amount plus accrued financing fees. You can continue to finance your inventory invoices, and even choose which ones you’d like to finance. Plus, you’re only charged fees on the capital you use.

Ready to get started? We’ve made it easy to apply, and you’ll receive an answer within 7 days.