Cannabis Lending for Cultivators

Grow your operations with working capital.

With invoice financing or inventory financing, you can increase your cash flow, allowing you to take advantage of business growth opportunities.


Ready to get started? We’ve made it easy to apply, and you’ll receive an answer within 7 days.


Invoice Financing for Cultivators

When you finance an invoice for the flower you’ve carefully grown, we’ll send you a percentage of the invoice due directly to you. Rather than waiting on your client to take care of their accounts, you can quickly increase your cash flow to keep your business running optimally.

Once we receive payment on your invoice from your client, we’ll send you the remaining percentage minus any fees you’ve accrued.

It’s simple—you can choose which invoices you’d like to finance, and you won’t be charged any fees until you do. Whether you sell to a manufacturer, a brand, a distributor, or directly to a retailer, our cannabis lending helps keep your business agile.


Inventory Financing for Cultivators

If you decide to finance seeds, fertilizer, or equipment to help scale your operations, we’ll directly pay your vendor. You’re then responsible for paying back your short term loan within 90 days, as well as any accrued fees.

Once you’re set up with Bespoke, you can choose which purchases you’d like to finance up to your limit. Don’t miss another opportunity because of limited cash flow—our cannabis lending will help you scale by providing the working capital you need to make the most of every opportunity.