Cannabis Manufacturing Loans

Increase your cash flow to support your processes and scale your operations.


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Invoice Financing for Manufacturers

When you’re waiting on payment from your clients, your working capital is restricted, making it difficult to scale, take advantage of opportunities, or even keep business running as usual. Rather than waiting 30 days for your clients to pay you and jeopardizing your business, quickly access funds with invoice financing from Bespoke.

Invoice financing can help you be more flexible and agile. When you’re approved for invoice financing, Bespoke will advance 80% of the invoice directly to your bank account. Once Bespoke receives full payment for the invoice, we’ll send you the remaining amount, minus financing fees accrued.


Inventory Financing for Manufacturers

Need to purchase flower, packaging, or other necessary items for your business? You don’t have to wait until your clients pay your invoices in order to purchase the materials you need—let us pay your vendors.

Our manufacturing loans help cannabis businesses streamline their processes, scale their operations, and more efficiently run their businesses. With inventory financing from Bespoke, we can help cover your costs so you don’t need to miss opportunities because your funds are tied up elsewhere.

Once you’re approved with Bespoke Financial, you can choose which vendors you’d like us to pay. We’ll send the payment directly to the vendor’s bank account. Once you’re ready, you’ll pay Bespoke the invoice amount along with accrued fees. It’s a simple way to access manufacturing loans to help keep your business growing.

Ready to get started? We’ve made it easy to apply, and you’ll receive an answer within 7 days.