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Number one

How do I get licensed for a cannabis business in Oregon?

In order to participate in the cannabis industry in Colorado, you’ll not only need financing, you’ll also need a license. Colorado offers six different types of licenses for retail marijuana businesses through the Colorado State Licensing Authority, including:

  • Retail marijuana store
  • Retail marijuana cultivation
  • Retail marijuana product manufacturer
  • Retail marijuana testing facility
  • Retail marijuana transporter
  • Retail marijuana operator

Licenses are also available for medical marijuana and industrial hemp certification. Medical marijuana licensing categories include:

  • Medical marijuana center
  • Medical marijuana optional premises cultivation
  • Medical marijuana infused product manufacturer
  • Medical marijuana testing facility
  • Medical marijuana transporter
  • Medical marijuana operator
  • Medical marijuana research and development facility or cultivation

In order to apply for a license, you must be 21 years of age or older and you must have lived in the state of Colorado for at least two years prior to applying for your license. Any financial partners or employees associated with your business must also be at least 21 years of age and a Colorado resident for at least two years. No one associated with your business can have any convictions for controlled substances on their record within the past ten years, and preferably, all associates have clean records.  A new license will cost 4,000 dollars to obtain, along with additional state and local fees. Make sure to check the local regulations on cannabis, as counties in Colorado are able to opt-out of legalization and some prohibit the growth, sale, and use of cannabis. Licenses are not granted to businesses that cannot demonstrate that they understand how to comply with local and state regulations, so you’ll need a well-rounded team of business managers, financial personnel, horticulturists, and more on your side. In order to get all of the pieces in place, you’re going to need financing.

number two

Can I borrow from a bank in Colorado?

Probably not. Regardless of how legal the sale of cannabis may be on a state or local level, it is still classified as a Schedule I controlled substance by the FDA, making it illegal on the federal level. That means that most financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, and credit card companies can’t work with you. 

That’s where Bespoke Financial comes in.

Can I borrow from a bank in Colorado?
How can I obtain financing for my cannabis business in Colorado?
Number three

How can I obtain financing for my cannabis business in Colorado?

Simple, Bespoke Financial can help you obtain cannabis business financing in Colorado.

Rumors are floating around about credit unions in Colorado that are willing to work with cannabis businesses; the Colorado Bankers Association estimates that there may be as many as 35 institutions currently providing banking services for the industry. These credit unions operate anonymously and do not publicize their willingness to work with cannabis businesses, but even if you’re lucky enough to find a place to keep your cash, these institutions do not offer loans or other financing options. With the cannabis business booming in the state of Colorado, a variety of businesses have sprung up around providing financing for cannabis-related businesses, including hedge funds and investors specifically focusing on cannabis financing.

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What should I watch out for when it comes to financing in Colorado?

With so few options for obtaining financing, cannabis business owners often find themselves scrambling for cash. Predatory lenders know this, so they’ve popped up everywhere in states that have legalized marijuana, like Colorado. It’s not uncommon for business owners to report being charged interest rates of 40 to 50 percent on their loans when working with predatory lenders. Scam artists are also at work, often offering a “legitimate” way to use credit card sales in their business. Spoiler alert: there’s currently no such thing. If you’re not sure how to know if a lender is predatory or trying to scam you, make sure to ask about the documentation required to receive financing through them. If an offer seems too good to be true – for example, they don’t require a background check on everyone in your business, don’t ask for banking statements, don’t run your credit, and don’t demand financial reports – it almost certainly is. Don’t worry, though; legitimate lenders do exist, especially in states like Colorado that legalized cannabis so early on. The answer is Bespoke Financial.

This is the exact opposite experience from what you will experience with Bespoke Financial.

To get the best rate for your cannabis business loan in Oregon, make sure to have all of the appropriate documentation prepared prior to applying for a loan from Bespoke, including your financial records (balance sheets, income statements, and bank statements), your credit risk profile, and capital needs.

What should I watch out for when it comes to financing in Colorado?
What do I need to know about running my business in Colorado?
Number five

What do I need to know about running my business in Colorado?

When thinking about the banking and financing limitations facing a cannabis business in Colorado, remember that your customers will not be able to use credit or debit cards to pay for your products. All your customers will need to pay in cash or use one of the other emerging options, such as paying through phone apps designed for this purpose. As a cash business, you’ll not only need to provide customers with a way to get cash if they came unprepared (such as an ATM), you’ll also need to have a safe way to transport and store your cash.

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