Dispensary Financing

Improve margins and grow with access to capital

Manage your AP by paying vendors with a line of credit so you are not limited by cash flow. Increase your purchasing power by paying COD or buying in bulk to access discounts and receive 60 day terms from Bespoke.

Learn If Our Dispensary Financing Program Is The Right Solution For You

Benefits of our Dispensary Financing:

  • Maintain positive vendor relationships
  • Take advantage of growth opportunities
  • Access COD discounts
  • Purchase in bulk to improve COGs

Consider Dispensary Financing if You’re A:

  • Recreational Dispensary
  • Medical Dispensary
  • Delivery 

Dispensary Financing Details:

  • Fees as low as 1.5% per 30 days
  • We pay your vendors directly
  • Interest only accrues when you use the funds
  • We provide 60 day terms on each PO
  • No prepayment penalties

Retail Financing

Dispensary Financing: Pre-Qualify for a Revolving Line of Credit with Bespoke

Bespoke has developed a new Dispensary Financing program providing retailers with quick access to capital to accelerate growth!

Pay vendors COD to access discounts

Receive 60-day repayment terms

Buy in bulk to lower your COGS

Loan secured only by your inventory



your Metrc

API key

Provide POS



Accept &  Access


Based on data about your business accessible via your Metrc API key, the Bespoke Financial underwriting team will do their best to come up with a financing pre-qualification for you. In the event that the data is insufficient, you may be asked to provide additional supplementary data about your business.

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