Should You Join the California Distributors Association?

Distributors and retailers in the marijuana business have to comply with a litany of both state and federal laws. When proposed regulations have the potential to harm businesses, advocacy groups can be key allies for cannabis organizations.

What Is the California Distributor’s Association?

The California Distributor’s Association (CDA) is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1962 to represent the interests of distributors across the state. It specializes in keeping abreast of government affairs and regulatory matters that could have a negative impact on its members.

The CDA maintains several working relationships to help protect businesses, including:

  • Key legislators from all political parties
  • The governor’s office
  • California regulatory personnel
  • Other business groups and key coalitions with similar interests

Goals of the Association

The primary goal of the California Distributor’s Association is to stop the passage of regulations and laws that are unnecessary and harmful to the businesses they represent. By doing so, they are able to help their members meet the goals of their businesses by letting them focus on their work and serve their communities.

The CDA also uses its regulatory and legislative relationships to educate key decision-makers about the important work of their member businesses and how those businesses make communities better.

Benefits of Joining the California Distributor’s Association

There are several benefits to joining an advocacy group that has been working on behalf of businesses for well over 50 years. These include:

  • Existing legislative and regulatory relationships that would be difficult for cannabis companies to build on their own
  • Notification about key legislation that could affect marijuana businesses
  • Time saved in focusing on government and regulatory affairs so cannabis executives can focus on their businesses
  • Strength in numbers, especially when it comes to fighting regulations that harm businesses

Who Runs the California Distributor’s Association?

An executive director runs an advocacy team that is in charge of the CDA. The team’s members have decades of experience in advocacy and in identifying regulations that affect their member businesses at the state and federal levels.

Who Can Join?

The CDA represents both distributors and retailers with the belief that the two groups are stronger together.

Companies can sign up to become member distributors or member retailers on the association’s website. Businesses can also choose to express interest in attending events or receiving legislative updates.

Other Cannabis Organizations

In 2010, the National Cannabis Industry Association was formed as a trade association to represent legal cannabis businesses. It works to protect the cannabis industry and promote marijuana reform at the federal level. It represents members’ businesses in several states across the country.

Cannabis distributors and retailers are also represented by The National Association of Cannabis Businesses. The association was formed in 2017 to help implement best practices for the cannabis industry. Its primary goal is to drive excellence in the marijuana business.

Joining key advocacy groups and industry associations can help keep you abreast of laws and regulations that affect your businesses and make those groups stronger by making them larger. Bespoke Financial also offers up-to-date information about the cannabis industry to help you stay informed.

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