Government Lending For Cannabis Operators, Will Funding Get Extended?

The COVID-19 crisis has led to an unprecedented economic shock that has hit the foundation of the American economy the hardest, small businesses. In most states, only “essential businesses” are able to operate at this time leaving others shuttered and without much cash flow. Most people earn a paycheck from small business owners in this … Read more

What Is Deductible Under the 280-E Exemption

If you are a cannabis business in the United States, then there is nothing that costs you more than this little rule. More than anything, it distinguishes the bookkeeping of a legal cannabis business from a regular legitimate business. It is what mostly makes it much more expensive to operate a legal cannabis business than … Read more

Consumer Cannabis Consumption During COVID-19 and What that Means For the Industry?

Long ago, entrepreneurs and would-be-millionaires flocked to California any way they could. They crossed continents, oceans, and jungles to get here in search of easy money. We are, of course, referring to the recently busted ‘Green Rush,’ which existed in a world before COVID-19, where maniacal enthusiasm in the potential of the legal cannabis industry … Read more

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