The 3 Reasons to Get Behind Cannabis Delivery

The cannabis industry is growing, and with growth comes change. One big change that’s sweeping the field is delivery. 

There will always be a place in the cannabis market for dispensaries. In-person retail allows customers to inspect their purchases themselves, talk to budtenders about their preferences, and participate in the local cannabis community. However, delivery is becoming equally essential and equally popular. In 2020 alone, cannabis delivery companies saw their sales surge by anywhere from 60% to more than 100%

Why is this growth so intense? Delivery offers three big benefits that open cannabis up to whole new markets. Here’s a glimpse into why the future of cannabis delivery is so bright:

1. Safety

The first big draw offered by delivery services is safety. Delivery skyrocketed in 2020 as many consumers avoided in-person contact to stay healthy. The ability to get cannabis delivered to their door contact-free converted many consumers to avid delivery advocates.

Even without the pressure of a pandemic, delivery can be safer than other alternatives. Getting to a dispensary to stock up can be difficult or dangerous when someone has already indulged for the day. If people are at a party and run out of cannabis, it’s much safer to have someone else drop off more than to drive to get it. 

2. Convenience

Delivery is incredibly convenient for most consumers. Dispensaries are still being regulated heavily, so many people need to travel a significant distance to get to their store in person. On the other hand, delivery is as simple as possible: Customers just order their favorite flavors, and their order shows up at their door a little while later. For busy people, this kind of simplicity is a big draw. 

The ordering process itself is also more convenient. Instead of waiting in line or having to talk to a budtender to get their order, consumers can just click a few buttons and relax. Introverts and socially anxious people alike enjoy this low-stress service. 

Finally, medical users may not be able to get out of the house to pick up their cannabis. In this case, delivery is just as much an assistive service as it is a convenience.

3. Reliability

Finally, cannabis delivery is more reliable for people who know what they like. Instead of traveling to a store just to find out they are out of a specific strain, users can place their order online and get a delivery when their favorites are back in stock. 

Many companies also allow users to schedule regular deliveries, so they “set it and forget it.” This ensures that the customer will never have to remember to reorder or worry about running low on their favorite strains. 

Cannabis Delivery Is Inevitable

In a world that’s moving firmly toward convenience as a service, the future of cannabis delivery looks bright. If your dispensary doesn’t yet offer delivery, it may be worth investing in your business with some cannabis funding. With dispensary loans or a line of credit from Bespoke Financial, you can expand your offerings quickly and efficiently to stay ahead of the competition in an industry that’s constantly growing. 

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