What Cannabis Distributors Can Expect This Holiday Season as U.S. Borders Reopen

The past two years have been complicated for many fields, but none quite so much as the cannabis industry. The pandemic has closed borders, affected the economy, and kept people bored at home, looking for ways to entertain themselves.

All of these changes have impacted the cannabis industry. They have made it challenging to import new strains but also made cannabis an appealing sector for states looking to improve their job markets. As of right now, 18 states, Guam, and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana, with four more states and a federal bill in consideration for 2022. Furthermore, many people have started turning to cannabis as a new recreational activity.

Still, while the pandemic continues to drive cannabis use and more states legalize weed every year, the most significant change of the next few months is international. The U.S. is also opening its doors to Canada and many other countries. As a result, cannabis users can finally begin to take part in cannabis tourism, something which was only just becoming a possibility when the pandemic struck.

Cannabis tourism is the practice of traveling somewhere far away to buy and use cannabis products legally. Since the legal status of cannabis and THC products varies across the U.S., many Americans need to perform cannabis tourism to other states and Canada to access legal recreational weed.

With this change and others, the holidays and new year hold many new trends for cannabis retailers. What can you expect in the coming months with all of these changes? Here are three trends that all cannabis distributors should anticipate this holiday season and into the coming year.

Predictions for Cannabis Retailers from the Holidays and Beyond

Cannabis Tourism Spikes

The biggest change to expect in 2022 is a rise in cannabis tourism. With the reopening of the U.S.-Canada border, citizens of both countries will be able to visit each other to try new varieties of weed. In particular, expect to see Canadian citizens traveling to US cannabis centers to try strains that haven’t made it up north yet.

Increased Sales/Demand

Alongside the rise in cannabis tourism, you should expect a surge in sales and demand in the coming months. Between people choosing to celebrate with their favorite substance and buying gifts for their loved ones, cannabis distributors should be prepared for more and larger orders throughout the winter months.

New Strain Requests

As a result of the increase in tourism and sales, you’ll also notice a rise in demand for new strains. People who have tried interesting varieties from across the border will start requesting it locally. Similarly, people who were gifted unique strains for the holidays may ask local suppliers to carry them. Now’s the time to start widening your selection. 

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