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Bespoke Financial is a licensed lender supporting cannabis companies. We alleviate working capital constraints across the entire cannabis supply chain. Bespoke supports our clients as they scale and grow with unique financing solutions and cannabis business loans.

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Get the Financing You Need to Support Your Growth

Cannabis companies often struggle with long cashflow collection cycles, irregular collections on invoices, a lack of viable lenders and dilutive equity capital raises.

Bespoke solves these problems by offering cannabis companies Invoice Financing and Inventory Financing options which provide cash to pay expenses or purchase inventory quickly and reliably. Our short term cannabis loans can help your business better plan for success and scale for the future.


Our simple process makes it easy to apply for financing.


Get approved within one week of completing your application.


Borrow funds as needed and reduce cash flow collection cycles by up to 50%.


Increase your line of credit as your business needs grow.


Our cannabis compliant banking partners ensure uninterrupted coverage.


Address your working capital needs through a line of credit with Bespoke and allocate equity capital to longer-term projects.

Our Services

Invoice Financing

Most cannabis businesses wait 30-90 days before receiving payment on their open invoices, creating working capital strains and hindering growth. Invoice financing helps by providing your business with capital when you need it. When you’re approved for invoice financing, we’ll provide you with an advance of up to 80% on a nominated accounts receivable invoice.

Benefits of Invoice Financing:

  • Quick access to working capital within 2 business days
  • Consistent cash flow
  • Freely extend terms to your clients
  • Flexible

Distributor ships goods to a Dispensary, issues an invoice due in 30 days and requests financing from Bespoke.

Bespoke advances 80% of the invoice amount directly to the Distributor’s bank account.

Distributor utilizes funds to scale up production and increase profits. Financing fees accrue until the invoice is paid in full to Bespoke.

Dispensary pays the full invoice to Bespoke. Bespoke sends the remaining 20% of the invoice to Distributor less accrued fees.

Our Services

Inventory Financing

Don’t let cash flow issues slow down your growth. Stay on top of your invoices with inventory financing. When you’re approved for Bespoke’s inventory financing, we’ll pay your vendors directly so you can demand COD pricing.

Benefits of Inventory Financing:

  • Maintain positive vendor relationships
  • Take advantage of growth opportunities
  • Demand lower pricing by paying COD
  • Flexible financing available

Cultivator ships biomass to a Manufacturer and issues an invoice due in 15 days.
Manufacturer requests financing from Bespoke.

Bespoke advances 100% of the invoice amount to the Cultivator.

Manufacturer processes biomass and sells final product.

Manufacturer pays the invoice amount plus accrued fees to Bespoke.

Our Services

Purchase Money Financing

Cannabis companies often receive PO’s but don’t have the capital on hand to fulfill the orders during times of increased demand. Bespoke advances 100% of your purchase of raw materials enabling you to fulfill purchase orders.

Benefits of Inventory Financing:

  • Increase purchasing power
  • Pay COD to receive price discounts
  • Capitalize on periods of increased demand
  • Improve unit economics
Cannabis Purchase Money Financing Step One

Manufacturer receives a Purchase Order for finished goods from Retailer and submits a PO to Cultivator for raw materials.

Cannabis Purchase Money Financing Step Two

Bespoke pays Cultivator directly for Manufacturer’s purchase of raw materials.

Cannabis Purchase Money Financing Step Three

Manufacturer receives raw materials and creates the products to fulfill the PO.

Cannabis Purchase Money Financing Step Four

Retailer pays invoice to Bespoke. Bespoke retains advance amount paid to Cultivator + accrued fees, sending the balance of payment to Manufacturer.

Our Services

Line of Credit

Want the most flexible financing? Do you need to pay vendors and non-vendor expenses? With Bespoke’s revolving Line of Credit you can draw down capital to use as you like or request Bespoke pay vendors on your behalf so you never miss out on a buying opportunity. Our LOC also gives you the freedom to finance facility improvements, pay taxes, and much more.

Benefits of our Line of Credit:

  • Quick access to capital within 2 business days
  • Make simple monthly interest
  • Increase your purchasing power
  • Finance facility improvements

Our short term cannabis business loans are structured to support companies along the entire supply chain, including cultivators, manufacturers, brands, distributors, retailers, and ancillary companies.


Get paid for flower upon harvest rather than waiting on terms


Finance bulk purchases to demand lower pricing and drive profitability.


Increase awareness with additional working capital.


Access quick capital to manage vendor payments, expenses, and tax obligations.


Demand lower pricing from vendors by paying COD.


Don’t let your affiliation with the cannabis industry limit your financing options.

Our Firm

Our Firm

Bespoke Financial was founded in 2018 and is the first licensed commercial lender focused on the cannabis industry. Our team brings together years of experience from the lending, technology, and cannabis industries. We work with our clients to provide access to working capital so they can scale, grow and prosper.

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